Social Media is so powerful media which has no contorl of Government, Army, Communist or any religion. Social Media is ot so new word but it's new technologies through user get connected with their interest.

Ancient time people spreading message via mouth to mouth. It is very interesting that every 12th person story changed positively or negatively. More often if message of ant convert into elephant at the end. earlier time in school they teach the how story changed person to person, you can't expect true story to all audience. After while Print Media and Television New Media came into picture and still exists on which partially Govt, leaders, politician and rich people have control. Either story get filtered or vanish before it reach to public.

Now in current century technology discovered on which almost no one has control except the country of communist (possible they can ban technology by laws).  Story about how social media taking place of all other media. Group of similar interest people can communicate from and to anywhere in the world. If there is any story it can catch up on it and spread over the millions of people. Facebook, Google plus and twitter have made significant role to bring these technology to us.

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